Six Years

Tonight is my 2190th Blip, a photo a day every day. Blip is a Journey and the reason it's a Journey there is no destination, it challenges your creativity and encourages you to explore. Tonight is 6 years of Blip for me, which is if it was a birthday by date it would be Monday. My Journey started out not knowing what manual meant or how to use it on my camera, now I practically shoot nothing but manual. Together we have shared Happiness, Sadness, Births and Deaths. I have met wonderful people from overseas at local Blpmeets, the challenge of a photo a day every day has opened my eyes to seeing and it's incredible what you see and what you miss if you are looking. Marie has joined up as a Blipper and it is a good experience to be able to do Photography together. What an addiction you got me hooked on Raine and thank you so much for the encouragement both inside and outside of Blip, you have helped me reach a level I never ever thought I would reach or the Photographer I have become. My first Blip was the toughest and most nerve racking, the next 5 days was easy and then it become what am I going to photograph next, I've photographed everything at home, the town and the countryside and that was only days 6-10 lol. Thank you to all my followers and everyone who has commented, given out hearts and stars. Many thanks to Blip Central who keep the site safe and work tirelessly so we can continue enjoying something that is a significant part of our lives. Thank you all for sharing your day with me.

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