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By Diane2104

Play nicely now...

Another busy day with work - isn't it supposed to be more fun working from home? I was at my desk this morning before 6am and didn't stop until nearly 2pm for a quick bite to eat and then another couple of hours....I must be mad! But at least now I have 2 days off :)

I'm sure my husband doesn't feed the birds every day like I do when I'm home.....I reckon he just fills up the feeders the night I arrive home....!! 
Anyway, there was not much action on the feeders this morning, but once the pigeons realised there was food again, we had quite a lot of visitors in the afternoon, so once I'd finished working I got the camera out. 
We had the usual little birds on the back feeders - lots of goldfinches, chaffinches, greenfinches, even a male bullfinch,  and plenty of blue and great tits. On the feeder by the window and the lawn we get more of the bigger birds, a robin, loads of blackbirds, collared doves,  a magpie, a ton of pigeons and half a dozen starlings. 
The starlings were quite vicious actually, chasing off most other species, apart from the pigeons. I liked this shot of them playing nicely though. It was closer than I had realised, as I was zoomed in for the goldfinches when the starlings descended en masse. 

Hoping to get out at the weekend somewhere, but not quite decided where yet. 
Hope everyone has had a good week

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