Pure Pleasure ...

Please do not think I am bragging about myself as to what I am now going to tell you, but I have to tell you as I am so excited and chuffed with myself.

I have just received a telphone call from the Digital Camera Magazine asking me if I would go into a full two page spread on techniques on how people take their images instead of my image going in the Hot Shots section, I couldnt believe what I was hearing, I said to the man "Me you mean ", "Yes" he said "You".

I can not believe it, I told him how I took the shot and now Eric and I have got to take some photographs between us on the stages that I took the image.

I told the man that I love doing photography and the only problem I have is that I dont believe I am a very good photographer. He said "Well Tracey you better believe in yourself now".

I used to have my tutor Nigel tell me all the time "You dont lack in ability you lack in confidence in yourself Tracey".

The most exciting thing about this whole surreal goings on is I love bubbles as you all know, I find them fun and they have great effects, so to get one of them in the magazine is more exciting than anything.

Here is the image of the Zangy Bubbles that will be in the magazine.

I have a headache now with all the stress and excitement haha.

I will catch up with commenting later as I am going to my Creative Close Up Photography Course this evening.

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