Sea of beads

Had a nice day as it was very unusual for a Saturday so the novelty factor was there.

Late start but made porridge with maple syrup for breakfast.

Listed some bits on eBay - some of which I’ve been trying to sort for several months! Not sure someone will buy some of my old tops but you never know.

Watched Flight of the Navigator which was very cool and then a Carry On film involving rival taxi firms and a very young Amanda Barrie.

This afternoon I made a chicken curry from scratch and low and behold I remembered to put the washing out.

I washed a lovely green felt wool cap I bought in a charity shop, it smells and looks great now but it’s a bit big so may need a little adjustment.

Caught up with a friend who sounds like she’s having a rough time of it currently but doing ok.

Lots to do tomorrow and I lose an
hour! :-( hmmm

Blip is detail of a beady bag from Oxfam. I’m noticing that since the scandal fewer people are visiting their shops.

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