By CoffeePotter

Mono Monday - Words

It's all Chinese to me..................
Whenever we have visited our family in Taiwan, our daughter-in-law writes things down for us to give to restaurateurs, taxi drivers, etc. Sometimes she just writes a note to ask the reader to call her on her mobile and she will explain what we want. I can't remember what this note was for, but it is one of several that I've kept just because it is so lovely. It's written in Mandarin Chinese. 
I've done a couple of terms at night school to learn a bit of Mandarin just to get by, (and so my grandsons can laugh at my attempts!) but it's still handy to have addresses etc written down. 
It's just a mundane note or an address or something like that.  I thought I would use it for today's Mono Monday Challenge - "Words".
Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting

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