Pictorial blethers

By blethers

St Maura together again...

For many years now Mr PB and I have been in the habit of spending the first three days of Holy Week at The Cathedral of The Isles, on Cumbrae, singing Evensong to visiting retreatants and anyone else who cares to turn up. On these occasions the St Maura Singers (the name we took from one of the Canons’ stalls in 1969) number only three; we sing music written for ATB, and most of it was composed for male altos.

That is why there is a copy of Anthems for Male Voices sitting waiting for me in a patch of vivid sunlight on the altar rail this afternoon. We rehearsed; it all comes back; we are once again in our early twenties...

Maybe not that last bit. Miracles do happen, but let’s keep it sensible.

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