The grandkids have a 2 week Spring Break (school break) right now and so am trying to squeeze a bit of time in with them all.  These 2 got a hold of my phone today and started taking selfies.  I couldn't resist grabbing this shot as they laughed and giggled at the silliness of seeing themselves on the phone.  

In this image you can see Cache's front tooth literally hanging by a thread and thankfully it popped out while he was having lunch!  

In other news, oldest granddaughter Maddie got her drivers license yesterday. Woot woot!  (See extra!)  She bought a car with her own money a month or so ago and is now enjoying her new found freedom.  Maddie texted me to let me know she'd gotten her license and in the same sentence asked if I'd like to meet her for coffee downtown this week. :)  Of course I said I'd love to!  

If you're wondering about the green 'N' on the back of the car it stands for novice/new driver.  In 1998, B.C. introduced the Graduated Licensing Program in which learner drivers must display the removable L decal. After passing the learner's test, drivers get the N decal, which they must display when driving and which identifies them as a novice, usually for a two-year period.

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