Our youngest grandchild John Phinnaeus Stone E. turned 3 today.  Perhaps you can tell from this image that he's an absolute delight, most often smiling with this big grin, but also as mischievous as his Gramps.  Like his hair, he's as wild and free as can be.  Love him!

Phinnaeus aka Finn, loves all types of big machinery and today his biggest birthday wish came true!  Gramps was doing some yard work on their property and so Finn got to sit with Gramps and operate the back hoe.  (See extra.)  

I brought a few treats along for Finn to enjoy and you may think it's chocolate that he's wearing around his mouth.  Nope.  He likes to get right into the dirt and dig with his wee shovel so I'm not sure how he managed to so much on his face.

Happy Birthday sweet Finn!  May you never lose that twinkle in your eye.

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