Happy Easter!

Christ is risen!  A cause of great rejoicing for all Christians!  (This resurrected Christ was in St. Mary’s Church, East Croydon)

A day of two halves!  After a copious breakfast it was off to the match!  A great beginning!  Loved the opposition’s mascot: a real eagle who flew across the pitch!  See extra!
Ro had warned me: at an away match everyone stands!  Not being tall, and I’m not that small, is a definite disadvantage.  Crystal Palace’s penalty was right in front of us!  Most of the rest of the first half seemed to be spent at the other end of the pitch, with no result!
The second half I thought would be spent at our end!  Liverpool did score then most of the play seemed to be at the other end, then they were back to score again! The fans were jubilant and from then on stood on seats and I, for one, saw no more!  Last away match I go to!

We went back to the hotel and had a good rest!  Both slept a bit!  Then out to Church for the Easter vigil service.  We were surprised at the number of people present!  It started outside but only some went out.  We stayed in the warm having been assured that we would hear over the speaker system.  Unfortunately only a word here and there worked.  Then they had trouble getting the lights back on! ( the service starts in the dark and gradually the candles are lit and then the church lights come on!  ). It’s about then that the priest welcomed everyone including those to be baptised, 5, those to be confirmed, 13, and those following on the Internet! The service was beautiful and seemed to gather force as it went on!  But poor Ro who had planned to go to Wagamama’s after was disappointed.  It lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes!  The longest I have attended!

We are back at the hotel with some sandwiches from a Tesco that was still open by the church! Ro was just in time to see Our match on Match of the Day!

Happy Easter to everyone! And as the priest said :  May your Easter eggs be bigger than last year’s!  Xxxxxx

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