Fur Babies

I have an extra long layover in San Francisco and am visiting my friends J&S who live near San Jose. I’ve not seen them for 6 years so it’s been great fun catching up. They have 2 beautiful children, age 7 and 13. I do hope they’ll forgive me, however, for showing off their furry babies instead of their human ones!

Please meet Joey, a cross between a Jack Russel and an Australian Cattle Dog. As you can see he’s very friendly - not quite small enough to be a lap dog but he doesn’t realise that. He kept jumping up on my lap for cuddles and it was particularly cosy while we soaked up some sunshine on the deck (bottom two left pictures).

Joey’s ‘sister’ is Dani the rabbit - a cross between an Angora and a Lion Head. She was put in my arms and I was instantly in love! She was quite happy for me to hold her for a very long time. Maybe not quite a good idea while I had my uniform on!

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