RAF 100 - The Future

I read a full page feature in the paper in bed this morning about brave aviators the Sowery family. I met charming, ninety-five-year-old Air Marshal Sir Freddie a couple of years ago https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2218813522521883859 and was so pleased that he is still well and will today be attending a special dinner at the RAF Club in Mayfair as part of the RAF100 celebrations. In the article he talks of the RAF being a meritocracy, as was discussed in the Ewan McGregor documentary that I watched last week. He said, "My family couldn't help me to be a good pilot. I had to work that out on my own."

My daughter text messaged me while I was reading to tell me that Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome was on the news as they are holding an RAF100 event. I knew of this but didn't book as our car club had an early morning run planned and I'd intended to go that. Unfortunately it was cancelled yesterday afternoon owing to the bad weather forecast. :(

I decided to go to North Weald to see what was in the air to photograph and hoping that the Spitfire based there would fly. As I approached The Squadron I spotted Arnold, a gyrocopter pilot who I have met here before, and his daughter. She was wearing a flying suit and they were off to Old Warden in his lovely Calidus machine, he's studying for his CPL. She goes to a school that promotes science subjects and she wants to be a pilot. I'm sure Sir Freddie would approve. :) 

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