I'm Partial To These Partial Migrants

(Backblipping as my broadband failed completely.) Didn't sleep very well as I was worried about Jazzy. She was understandably rather subdued after her operation but she wolfed down an omelette filled with chicken that I made to line her tummy before her tablets. She doesn't usually have breakfast. We then sat outside in the sunshine. I heard my first blackcap of the season singing.

While Jazzy and MrQ were having a siesta I went for a walk down the field. I've been hearing the chiff-chaffs, back from wherever they have been, for a while now, I got my first pic of 2017. I haven't seen the linnets all winter, they're back too. Wonder if they went to France or Spain or just moved out of the area? My pic is of a female. I've added a Canada goose that doesn't look very happy to extras.

Today's poem is La Siesta by Juan Gil-Albert. http://tomclarkblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/juan-gil-albert-la-siesta-what-is-earth.html

I always wonder how much of the translator there is in poems that were originally not written in English. My link includes two translations. I think I prefer the second, though if it is more Juan Gil-Albert who knows?

We don't have a siesta tradition in the UK and the only time I've experienced it was on a school exchange trip to the south of France when I was fifteen. I stayed in a grand farmhouse with tall windows, ajar and shuttered in the heat of the day against the dazzling blue sky. The poem has brought it all back, the fruit on white tables and the cool penumbral light.  

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