Pretty Violas

on another stressful day (thanks to Virgin Media - Motorway Maintenance Lorry at stupid o'clock at the bottom of our close, banging and racket together with the smell of tar)  

I will be very glad to go back to work tomorrow for a rest from this ridiculous work done on a Bank Holiday :(  My neighbours' were cross too!

Anyway, at least the Sermon is now awaiting final approval and I've started thinking about cutting out paper dolls for the children's talk :)

Plus I've done a few bits of housework and tidying - see extra for the books waiting to be put away after my research for the sermon!

Just off to be weighed - I know I'll have put on again due to all this stress, had my maltesers easter egg today....  Start again tomorrow!

Oh and one other thing happened today - popped to Halfords, as you do to get my screen wash and they were doing free oil checks, so I had mine done - he told me that its too thick and creamy and could cause a gasket to go :( :(  Just what I need!

Oh well, Happy Easter Monday folks :)

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