The Mono Monday theme today is chocolate.  Thanks to chantler63 for hosting.  These truffles are from a box which was left over ( unopened ) from Christmas.  They haven't made it past Easter.  All gone now.  And very nice they were too.

I slept well on the memory foam mattress.  Woke up to find that it was snowing. After a while the snow turned to sleet and then rain. And its rained all day.  The garden is very soggy.  I have stayed indoors apart from nipping out with bird food.

I was supposed to do some ironing but I just couldn't be bothered.  Sat down to watch a bit of TV and surprise surprise Tino jumped on my knees and settled down.  He's only done this once or twice before in all the years I've had him.  I was delighted. 

Did anyone watch The Generation Game on TV last night?  I used to love it when it was on years ago with Bruce Forsyth and then Larry Grayson - good old fashioned fun.  So I was expecting to enjoy the new version with Mel and Sue.  Watched for 10 mins then switched off.  I thought it was terrible.  Just didn't work.  Not spontaneous.  No fun.  Shame.

Steps today - only 1,806

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