Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Last visit

We did our last visit to this season's Global Village tonight and wow was it crowded. First time in years that we had to queue on the turn-off from the highway, and parked up further than we've done in years! (Our bay number was 2018!).

We headed straight to the double-decker carousel and had two goes on it! Then walked around the fun fair enjoying looking at the different games. Dinner was right opposite China and G had a falooda from Iran (it's hard to describe a falooda). We bought another labour saving chappati maker for a friend, and finally did our bit of shopping which was for some Yemeni ginger honey and special soap bars from Russia. There you go! Oh, G spotted these very practical aprons which have a towel attached to the front! Clever.

Prior to that, I dropped my Martin guitar into the local shop to get it repaired. For some reason, the battery keeps draining. The guys were impressed by the condition of the guitar and case considering they are almost ten years old. :)

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