Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I'm finally getting some energy back... and making a new necklace is a good way of taking it easy, but still doing something. Yesterday I got some news about the new place for doing practice, at the municipality department for sustainable ecology. They didn't mind my illness and thought there'd be some chores for me to do. I would book meeting rooms and handle some minor administrative things... I know I've always said that I have no problem with doing light work... but perhaps not just light work... I hope I'm going to get other chores after a while - IF they'll have me and the meeting sometime next week or the week after goes as planned. I need a supervisor too, and someone has to have the time to supervise me. I just hope all that studying I've done isn't for nothing, so to say... But, IF I get this place and they're happy with me, I'm happy to have something to do, to be useful again and to have a small purpose.
Since this is an office, I'm making necklaces out of stone pearls that's been sitting there for some time now, so that I'll have fun things to wear... kind of. :) The light pink necklace is a mixture of an old rose quarts necklace that was given to me by relatives, now passed away, a long time ago. I liked the necklace, but it wasn't really my style and just sat there, so now I've reused the stones and mixed them with other stone beads. I will use it more often now.  

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