Usual Wednesday morning trip to Morrisons.  It was raining.  And its rained all day.  (We even had snow at one point.)  Had enough of rain now.

And so has my birdbath.  Do you see his frown.  Used the  Impressive Art  feature on my camera and captured the raindrops making a face in the water.

Due to the nasty weather I wasn't tempted to go out again and had a lazy day.  Watched The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on TV this morning. And this afternoon I had a bit of a sort out in one of the spare bedrooms.  Enjoyed myself looking through old photos and other stuff but never really got rid of anything much. 

Rant coming up - feel free to ignore it if you wish.  On Monday evening I put my blue recycling bin and my green garden bin out in the street for emptying on Tuesday.   The recycling is usually collected quite early and the garden stuff a bit later in the day.  When I looked out around noon both bins had been put back on my driveway.  I assumed they had been emptied and a neighbour had kindly  taken them off the street.  However a couple of hours later the " garden recycling truck " came into the street.  There wasn't time for me to rush out and get my bin back on to the street - so it wasn't emptied. 

I filled  out a " missed bin " form online and received a reply indicating that the Council truck would  come back " sometime " and empty my bin.  I had to leave it on the pavement until then. So far it still there - untouched.  No idea how long to leave it - I get the feeling that the truck will not return.  So I'm stuck with a full bin until next time.  I wish whoever brought the bin in would have at least checked to see if it was empty before they did.  Grrrrrrrrr.

Steps today - 6,087

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