New Beginnings

So good to see the sun today, we were at Charlecote Park this afternoon to meet up with a couple of friends for coffee & cake.   The afternoon sunlight on the buildings looked good but I have decided to blip these daffodils as they sum up the day to a large extent.

New beginnings for me too as I had some figures for my pension and they paint a more positive picture than I was expecting,  so I may well be joining the ranks of the retired toward the end of the summer :-)

While Gill was out at work I replaced the fill valve in one of the cisterns. 20 minutes to do the work,  45 minutes figuring out where I had left the right angle screwdriver needed to turn the water off, and another 40+ finding a combination of fixing nut, spanner and access which would allow me to fix the valve in place without damaging anything. Answer the phone, check an insurance quote, sort out the stair lift being removed from Gill's mum's house and that was the morning gone!  When we came back from our afternoon out ... no leaks :-)

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