By rat

A flower for Friday

Not so nice today, rather raw and windy for a while - just at the time I decided to go for a bike ride!
Went into town this morning and went to get some photos printed. There were a lot and then the machine loaded them twice and I had to delete the duplicates manually one at a time, it took rather ages.
Went to look at new boots, I'm fed up of always having wet feet, and the shop staff were surprised I'd had problems with them. (I had the 1st pair replaced after 10 months and the 2nd lasted about 15 months before leaking, must have been a bad batch).
I find it really hard to get ones that fit, the women's are too narrow and the men's too wide at the heel. I've bought a men's pair to wear at home for a few weeks and will see how they feel, the chap was very helpful.
After lunch it was the cycle, then the mobile library didn't come as it'd broken down and then a joiner didn't come to look at a job we want doing - don't know why but I think he will be in touch.
Didn't take any pics in town and forgot the camera on the bike (though it was very dull and grey) but I knew these beauties (Puschkinia) were waiting in the garden

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