By rat


Hill walking today with friends.
Tough route over the Moorfoots near Edinburgh. Not high but a lot of heather and soft snow of varying depths (Dave went thigh deep at one point and I failed to take a pic!).
Mr Rat decided the first, highest, top was enough and turned round (still recovering from last Sat), the rest of us went on a bit down to a col at the bottom of the windfarm. 2 of us decided we'd had enough of the rough stuff and headed down steeply to the valley and then along to a good track (see extra, it had the river running over it just before we joined it) an dback to the car, arriving just as the rain was starting. The other 2 went on up an dthrough the windfarm an good tracks and then more heather-bashing and getting wet, we made the right choice.
Quite a lot of birds about and some very small lambs in the fields at the bottom. The cars were parked by this reservoir.

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