Green Woods and High Waters

It was morning, and my husband and I trekked up to our local gameland, the Scotia Barrens, also known as state gameland (SGL) 176. His purpose was to jog. Mine was to scope out the local ponds, in hopes of spotting frogs and salamanders.

What we found were green woods and high waters. Huge puddles everywhere made traversing the trails a bit difficult. If you're heading out, be sure to wear your waterproof shoes!

Though you can't see any in this shot, the ponds are full of white masses of amphibian eggs. I'm no expert, so I can't tell you if they were frog or salamander. Some of both, I hope! Soon these woods will ring with peeper song, but not quite yet. . . .

Somehow the title I gave this reminded me of this song: the Outlaws, with Green Grass and High Tides.

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