Random .........

 ......... footwear.   Might be a new series!!!!

I've been out - in the car - woo-hoo!!
I had a hair appointment and it really did need cutting so off I went - I think I'm feeling a lot better - still not 100% but much better than a couple of days ago!

While I was away I started noticing all the different shoes and footwear that was around and thought about a bit of a random blip series of random footwear - saw all these feet today while I was sitting waiting for the lights to change to green.  Amazing how a bit of sunshine brings out the sandals and the legs!!!

Not sure if it's silly enough to tag for admirer's Silly Saturday but it's getting a tag anyway  :o))

I even feel well enough to start on getting stuff together for my next trip ........ watch this space.

~ Anni ~

Thank you sooooooooo much for all the get well wishes and the Happy Birthday wishes for yesterday - you're a lovely lot out there in BlipLand.

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