... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Blipday Branta

More symbolic in large.

Not my favourite picture of the day (not the right bird at all...), but I reckon that this is the day's most satisfactory 'six'. I'm surprised still to be uploading daily blips six years on (this is now 2,190 in a row...); I'm not convinced that it's entirely healthy, but I'm almost certain that the easily recognisable positives outweigh the more ambiguous negatives, and I still hope to wrangle this back into a more connected and adaptive place yet, as part of a generally more balanced life... *Sigh*

I've uploaded today's other WWT London pics to Flickr here (or right from here), and have uploaded some of my favourites as extras.
Some favourites:
Emperor geese: inverted washingsplashy sixflappy danceornamental vase
Red-breasted geese: peaceful preenercute shapes, inversions
Nēnēs (Hawaiian geese): strutting, posing, paddlingwashing, flappingpreeningshaking
Whistling ducks: white-faced (stacked), white-faced (mutually grooming), fulvous
Wood ducks: posingragesplashy courtship
Ring-necked parakeets: in treeflash of colour
Others: smew (f), magpie goose flapping, white-naped pair of posers

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