... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Picking Daisies

Cuter curves in large.
Magpie goose flapping (1/2)
Neck rub

Long time, no adorable emperors or naughty nēnēs...
I was pleased with my red-crested pochard preening/washing/flapping shots, liked my red shoveler pics, was melted by the sight of the moorhenlings, and it was a treat to spend time close to the white-winged ducks (unusual) amongst others, but then there were the emperors, and that was that.
Oh, and the nēnēs were in four different places, not one of which was their enclosure... The nesting one was no longer on the nest and there were no eggs or nēnēlings visible, so that's a mystery for another time.

Others here (or right from Nēnē grazing)

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