An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Monday Monday...

Never work with half dead tulips and a Golden Retriever who likes being "helpful!"

Finally got my indoor natural light studio set up again.  It's all quite precarious and of course Lola was very curious as to what was happening. Got the tulips set up with one particular tulip singled out to be my hero flower but one swish of Lola's tail (thankfully it didn't make contact with the vase) sent a breeze slight enough to render my hero flower petal-less!

David lured her away with a venison stick and I finally got some peace to have a play.  Vase in extras.  I thought the vase of yellow tulips that I blipped last week could also be photographed in their ageing state but they didn't survive the journey from hall to living room as it turns out the weren't ageing but were in fact dead!

David reported good news from Lola's afternoon walk to say she now reliably sits and patiently waits when people are approaching, rather than jump and pull in a desperate attempt to get to them and make friends.  The only slight problem is she spots people when they are miles away and promptly sits and waits.  Sometimes training can be too thorough methinks!  :-)))

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