When Life Gives You Raindrops, ....

.... make droplet pics. :)

It rained all day again. I had a nice chat at RJS Motors with the boss while my new tyres were being fitted. The rain didn't stop the wrens singing but my pics were rubbish as the light was so poor. No point kicking against the pricks, I decided to roll with it and shoot droplets on the freshly opening blackthorn flowers.

I like the way the stigma protrudes from the bud before the flower opens. It can also be seen in my pic that the sepals cup round the bloom rather than turning backwards as they do in some other members of the Prunus family like mirabelle plums which have been blooming in the hedgerows for a few weeks now.

I set out to capture images of the flowers within the droplets. I achieved this but preferred the above image as it looks so much wetter. :) We often get a spell of cold weather when the blackthorn is in bloom which is known as blackthorn winter. The weather is cold in comparison with this time last year when the temperature in the south was 26 degrees C!

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