a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The Tree and the Pool

Wide Angle Wednesday: The Tree and the Pool

I've blipped this particular view of the disused former Bristol Post Office Sorting Depot.  Its one of the great local eyesores and will be very familiar to those who have ever visited Bristol by train.  Although you might be pulling up in Brunel's Temple Meads Station, what you will actually see from your carriage window is the remains of this building.  

Contractors are now on site, so I anticipate that over the course of the remainder of this year it will gradually be removed and converted into rubble. That should considerably improve the neighbourhood from the perspective of the rather attractive tree on the nearby water side.

After last night's late recording sessions with the band there are all sorts of follow up actions I should be engaged in, but I am afraid that I'm knackered and an early night beckons for me!

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