Effect first . . .

. . . then cause.
It being the WednesDAY, as opposed to WednesNIGHT, we took the usual trip up to one of the Garden centres. 
The silly one which doesn't like you taking photos and singing their praises. 
The usual enjoyable time was had and I had quite a bit of fun in my first ever DiY wheelchair - supplied by them, I'm NOT bad enough for permanence but the old gammy leg wasn't a "bundle of laffs".
Since they're a bit daft on the photo front up there most of the Blippery was preserved for later.
 There was a pause at Chez Kanyl so the inevitable look at the "little acre" Jerra suddenly demanded to know if I had today's Blip. The answer was:-
"Not Necessarily." 
He'd spotted my first 2018 AND  I think 2017 Hedgehog. 
An unusual sight in what passes for broad daylight.

  That can be regarded as the "effect". On closer inspection he spotted the cause; see extra. NOT much actual pressure, but I'm pleased I arranged it rather than sprung it, it'd be MOST unpleasant.
How the Peer wee beastie got from where-ever through the hedgehog-hole and so far into the garden past greenhouse, compost & 40-50 gallon drum with that clamped firmly on his/her "fingers" defeats me.

I did set it off with a piece of stem, VERY FEW grammes would accomplish it.
  Fortuitously it picked me. On both sides it had a vastly lower chance of being seen.

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