First to show.

I've been rabbiting on a bit of late ref:-
The difference twixt Schlumbergera, alias Christmas Cactus
and Rhipsalidopsis, (No "Surname") alias Easter cactus.
What started it was an online group discussion ref. the mistaking of each for the other.
Being Americacentric, most of the participants were of that persuasion. It seems some called Schlumbergera "Thanksgiving cactus" and some Christmas ~ , and some Easter Cactus; despite NEITHER of them being, truly cacti.
One knowledgable soul pointed us in the direction of Rhipsalidopsis, a genus I'd totally forgotten, even though we had one.
Tonight I looked it up and was gobsmacked to read that:-
"Good Easter cactus care means repotting the plant every two years in spring. The plants enjoy being pot bound, but give it new soil and return the plant to the same pot."
I've lost total track of how many years this one's had the same soil/pot. NOT that it hasn't been fed of course.
This is the first to show face this year; and with this year's peripatetic Easter being a week tomorrow, it's just about spot on schedule.

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