Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

"There's nut meny left now!"

The battle cry of a somewhat "Naughty" Seller of local Newspapers.
In this case however there's only ONE left.
New-fangled with recently rediscovered lens I've been semi-macro-ing like mad.
Shot "a fair few" today; this being the one I settled for.  NOT sure Alice would have agreed, but, there's "Madness in my method".  Part record of the fact I still have one, part Affinity© learning curve; and to a degree a second part of the Affinity curve.
When I got fed very far up of an attempt at something perpetually failing AND seeing the un-filled border checkered like the Fritillaria meleagris (BOTH of which I had to convince the ignorant spill chucker actually were words.) so i thought I'd leave it.
It worketh not so instead I learned how to do a drop-shadow.

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