"An ill favoured thing Sir...

...but mine own."
Pity you can't see how poxy they are on a camera/phone.    : ¬ (
Not quite R.T.F.M. more sort of R.T.F.Label.
I'm, not quite inveterate, but frequent, label reader. Having grown up under the (mis)apprehension that things often tend to be cheaper per unit when bought in greater numbers of units; I was gobsmacked some time ago to find, in the words of a song "It ain't necessarily so."
OK, I admit this is an unfair comparison in that one pack has been knocked down - BUT - since I'll be doing a "bulk" buy at Cranston's Food Hall (Plug plug) shortly and there's just me now - no prizes for which I bought as a put-me-on?
NOT very readable:-
but the smaller pack is £1.67 per 100gm compared to £1.83 per 100gms

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