Do the Dishes

I was thinking... I have 3 dogs, who are all bred to love work, so why do I still have to do all the boring housework? Today I started teaching Hero to do the dishes :-D

Ok, the truth is that Hero and I have started working on new moves for our 2019 routine and for the story we are thinking of for next year, I need him to pretend to be washing up. 

I had a busy day at work, but took an hour off at noon to see a psychologist. Work has been very challenging recently, so I am getting some councelling to help me see solutions and get some coping strategies. It was good to talk to him and I am doing my best to follow his advice. 

The boys had 2 long walks today and a training session each, so they are very happy.... 

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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