Playing Sheepdog

It has been a busy day.

Work in the morning and then off to Ringsted to take the boys for a walk.

We continued to Lille Skensved, where I arrived at Helle's about an hour before she came home.

It let her dogs out and our dogs played in the garden until Helle came home. 

I then helped Helle with an assignment. I find writing a lot easier than Helle does. It comes easy to me, so I was happy to help her. 

Our dogs had a great time whilst Helle and I worked.

The boys and I went home at 8ish. I have 3 tired dogs now :-)

This is Gollum playing sheepdog with his sister Ex-it. It is most Border Collies' favourite game - lying down and starring at something that might potentially move... They are not as smart as people think they are :-D

Happy Weekend Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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