Gollum's Big Day

We left home at 7 am and drove up north for a dog dancing show. I had only entered Gollum and he competed in the advanced Heelwork To Music class. 

He placed 2nd and gained a CC. He needs 3 CCs to win the title of Danish Heelwork To Music Champion and this was his first. 

After having competed with Gollum, I drove another 15 km and went to see my sister. We took the boys for a lovely walk in the woods and ended at a lovely cafe, where we had lunch and coffee. 

My sister made scones for us, when we came back home and we had more coffee. 

We finished the day at Burger King and Gollum got a Kid's Menu (cheese burger and chips) to celebrate his CC :-)

We arrived home at 8 pm. It has been a long but lovely day.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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