Yesterday - late in the day - I read an e mail with the usual link to my water bill.  When I checked it I got a bit of a shock.   I'm on a water meter and the bills are sent every quarter. They are usually around the £60 mark. Yesterdays bill was around double that.  So what could be wrong.  Faulty meter - not very likely.  A leak somewhere - a frightening prospect.  So as soon as the office opened this morning at 10am I was on the phone.  Long wait in a queue but finally spoke to someone.  Told him the problem ------ and his reply put my mind at rest immediately.  Apparently the billing schedule has changed from quarterly to half yearly.  Of course I should have realised. I probably got a letter about it which I skimmed through and filed away - and forgot about.  Dozy or what.

I decided to go and see Neil at his work this afternoon as I haven't seen him for a while.  He was on a funny shift today.  Working till 4.10pm.  2 hours off.  Then back to work till 10.30pm.  Luckily he lives near to his work so he would be able to pop home in between.  It was nice to see him - and I placed my bets for The Grand National on Saturday.  I also had a cheeky £1 bet on a horse this afternoon and won £6.  Hope that's an omen for Saturday.

After seeing Neil I popped into Aldi.  Then home to face the ironing.  Well I faced it - but didn't do it.  I watched TV instead.

Today's Abstract Thursday theme is " repetition ".  I took a shot of 3 of my spiral notebooks stacked together  - and did some processing in Picasa. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 9,423

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