Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had my hospital appointment this afternoon.  Before I caught the bus to the hospital I walked down to the village to collect my repeat prescription.  Took my blip shot in the back lane.  There are lots of these Dead Nettles there.  Have tagged my blip for Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear and for Wild Flower Week hosted by  Miranda1008.

My appointment was for 2.15pm and I got seen at around 2.30pm.  The letter I had received said I had to have no food after 8am this morning which was fine as I just had an early breakfast.  The letter also said I needed a full bladder - not so easy to manage.  I was " bursting " when I got to the hospital.  I mentioned this to the radiographer ... and she said that a full bladder wasn't necessary -  the letter was wrong. In fact it was essential I had an empty bladder.  So I nipped to the toilet before the scan began. 

Apparently everything that she scanned was fine --- liver, kidneys, spleen,bile duct - all OK..  But there are things which the scan doesn't pick up .... intestines, stomach, bladder.  So I would need an endoscopy to check these out.  I will go back to my GP when the scan results are ready and see what the next move is.  I'm relieved nothing bad was found today -- and as well as that I haven't had any pain for a few days. Yay.  So its all good at the moment.

After my scan I got a bus to Gateshead and had a look round the shops. 

This evening Newcastle United were playing away at Leicester.  And Newcastle WON.  3 precious points which will probably save them from relegation.  Fingers crossed.

Steps today - 11,552

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