Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Abstract Thursday - distortion

I pottered around this morning doing not a lot.  Then I got the bus to the Metrocentre. I met up with Neil and we went to Ask Italian.  Neil had a huge chicken calzone and I chose sea bass in a white wine sauce with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach.

He had been running this morning and this evening he was due to go out running with the Tyne Bridge Harriers.  He's thinking of joining them and has been going on a few trial runs to see if he enjoys it.  So far so good and I think he will go ahead and become a member.  The harriers meet in Byker and run along the Quayside.

Neil is  still off work sick - stress and anxiety due to his job.  He doesn't go back to work for a few weeks but things are in place to make things easier when he does.  He is going to change locations and work somewhere nearer to home so he will have a shorter and less stressful commute. Its somewhere he has worked before in the past. The new location is in a nicer area. ( with nicer staff )  He will have less responsibility when he returns to work but that will be a good thing. I'm glad he admitted to himself that things weren't right and sought medical help. And discussed things with his employer.  Its been well reported that so many men just try and battle on alone.

After Neil and I went our separate ways I wandered around the shops - tried on a lot of clothes but got nothing. Then I went to a photo booth to get some passport photos.  What a palava.  Worked my way through the instructions on the screen and tried to get my face to " fit into the oval shape " with my eyes in the right place. Of course when I was satisfied I was in the right position I then had to take my glasses off and try not to move in the slightest to keep in the correct place - without being able to see if I was in the correct place.  So much pressure.  When my photo appeared on the screen there was a big green tick to say it was an acceptable shot.  Whew.  You get three attempts but I got it in one.  Paid my £6 and the photos popped out.  See my Extra for the " mug shot".

Watched the last episode of The Victim this evening.  Its been a good series - and very emotional.

My blip shot started out as a photo of the sunset as seen out of my bedroom window.  I used the posterise and focal zoom features on Picasa to fit with the Abstract Thursday theme of " distortion".  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Steps today - 8,489

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