By tookie

Zig Zag repetions in Abstract blues

Blue water abstracts
Zig zag lines repetitious
Hypnotic effects
    Wow all the news on the possible obstruction findings may finally be coming to a seems unbelievable that we have had to endur this fanatical presidency so long...all the damage he and his cohorts have and do daily in terms of detroying environmental , labor, health and educations protections....not to mention the toll on human welfare and our safety nets and cherished social security and medicare.....a rant..yes!    I feel more need to speak out loudly again and again before he ramps us into an unwanted war...before he tries to divert attentions from his destructiveness to trying to rally the country behind him as a "war president".  We just simply cannot let this happen. 
   Sweden has been loudly protesting at the U.N. for a peaceful solution to the Syrian  They are also making proposals at the U.N. for resolutions to this that my country should LISTEN to!   Good for Sweden!  

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