Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

LensBaby Art

I haven't got out the Lensbaby for what seems ages.  It suggests a state of desperation as the sun yet again failed to make an appearance.  

I visited my old workplace this morning to deliver a canvas print they've bought for the meeting room, which they are converting so they can offer civil wedding ceremonies.  It was weird to return to the workplace of almost 30 years.  More than 9 months have passed since I last stepped into the building.  Still I received a very warm welcome and spent a few minutes catching up with some of my old ex-colleagues.  

Driving into the office, along the same roads I'd travelled on what I conservatively estimate was on more than 6,000 occasions, brought back memories.  Even in the relatively short time that had passed since it was my regular commute many things had changed; new buildings have gone up, roads are in the process of widening and shops changed hands.  

It was good to go back. 

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