Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Heading for Wolverhampton

Had a bit of a shock today.   I was trying to increase the volume of my phone while it was in my pocket (Perhaps not the best idea!), when suddenly an alarm went off and I found myself connected to emergency services!  I hadn't realised but certain combinations of the buttons on an iPhone engage my emergency contacts, including calling 999 (911).  It also sends texts to my emergency contacts, something L was less than impressed with when she woke up to find a number of texts announcing I was in trouble.  I've since checked the phone to find out what I shouldn't do unless I am in trouble in the future.

We had a lazy day, just taking a short walk around the local common, which was mainly remarkable for seeing a canal boat coming along the Wyrley and Essington Canal.  It isn't the most trafficked of canals and I can only assume that given this boat seems to be from Chirk, the owners were doing one of the major rings using the Trent & Mersey and Shropshire Union canals.

We also had some very sad news about a death of one of our friends.  It was the first time that we have got such news via Facebook.  How times have changed.  Rather than sending our condolences via the same media, L popped around with a sympathy card.  I suppose in some ways we are still traditional in our etiquette.

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