Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

First (Spotted) Arrival

Yippee, after 6 days of an absent sun, grey, rain, mist and fog,  today brought us beautiful Spring like conditions.  I wasn't required for horsey duties so headed out on a walk around the local area.

Highlight for me was seeing this little fella.  The first of the year I've spotted, and despite watching for a short while he seems to be the advance party as no others were seen.  Typically, he was hanging around some farm buildings.  

The footpaths were testament to the amount of rain we've had over recent weeks.  Boots had to be cleaned on return as on some stretches it was impossible to progress without planting the feet into mud.  Hopefully, if weather forecasts are to be believed the vast majority of the UK is due some much needed sun and warmth next week.  Can't wait.

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