Silly Saturday Triptych

We're having a lovely weekend as my best friend from schooldays (I've known him for almost 60 years, and he was Best Man at our wedding) came yesterday to stay with us for a few days. As he lives in Minneapolis this is very special.

We decided to walk part of Bede's Way, from Jarrow to East Boldon (using the Metro to get there & back).

Here's some silly things from our day:

1) We wondered if the post was a rather ancient way of accessing the World-Wide-Web! (We saw lots of posts like that but I've not been able to find the meaning of the w-w-w acronym.)

2) We stopped for a pub meal at lunctime - but it's a bit silly to have such a tiny beer when your colleague's having such a large Coke! (Actually they were both half-pint glasses, it's a trick of the angle of the photo.)

3) This pooch seemed to feel a bit silly being consigned to wait under the chair at the next table, poor thing.

Thanks as always to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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