3 Amigos up to Mischief Again!

I turned my back for a moment this morning, as we were leaving the Travelodge where we've spent the last two nights. And what did I see when I turned round again? The naughty boys had climbed right up onto the head of a sculpture of a deer in the little garden just outside the hotel! I didn't see it happen, but I bet it was that scallywag Trigger who started it. Rowan is easily led astray so he no doubt followed. I expect Kelso climbed up to try to get them to get down, but judging by his body language on the photo I think he too decided that it was rather good up there. If I hadn't told them sternly to get down at once I think they'd have stayed there all morning!

I'm pleased to say that after this episode, they were good as gold in the car on the journey north, and we're all safely home again in Newcastle. In fact they slept almost all the way - I think they'd got so tired at the birthday party yesterday. I'm just hoping that they'll sleep well tonight now - I don't want them jumping on me in bed at 3am, wanting to play!

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