3 Amigos at a Party

Today the Amigos came with us to my sister-in-law's 70th birthday party. What a wonderful time they had!

They were particularly interested in this game of Dog Bingo, and they helped me to come second when we played it (one of our sons won).

In the collage in the extra you can see what else they got up to. They loved the balloons - Trigger (of course) tried to climb up the string holding the balloons, but discovered that he was too heavy for them - when he tried to climb up, the balloons just started to come down towards him. (Rowan and Kelso just watched). They both started salivating when they saw the cake but we didn't give them any as we thought that cake probably wasn't good for dogs to eat. Then they joined in Pass-the Parcel - and loved playing in the waste paper at the end!

(Apologies for a lack of comments - we're having a rather busy time as you can imagine!)

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