By davidc

MonoMonday: Negative Space

We're really lucky, during the current lockdown, to have quite a big garden. This means that after we've been out for a walk for our permitted single daily episode of exercise we still have plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. (We really feel for those cooped up in small flats, especially those with children.) So it seemed appropriate to blip it here, in negative to fit Trisharooni's chosen theme of "negative space" for today's MonoMonday challenge (as you may know, I like to do a bit of lateral thinking - or am I just contrary? Probably.). Thanks Trish!

(If you're wondering why there's so many light patches in the lawn, they're actually (of course) darker green patches resulting from the fertilising effect of the calling cards left by the many neighbourhood cats who like to use our space as a loo! Maybe I should try to train them to spread it evenly over the whole lawn? - it seems to work better than the fertiliser from the garden centre!)

PS Just enjoyed a Zoom blipmeet with some lovely fellow blippers - see extra :-))

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