Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Along came a spider...

I was hoping to get a better shot of a jumping spider today and, although I saw several, none were being especially accommodating.  In fact. one jumped on me and ran all over my arm before taking a leap through the air onto a nearby railing.  Dang thing.  

I am not entirely sure of the species of this one, although the eye configuration makes me think it may be in the wolf spider group.  It was so small that I very nearly missed it, sitting as it was in the daffodils, no doubt waiting for some some hapless polinator to come along.  It's always amazing to me how all the arthropods suddenly come out at the first sign of warm weather.  Today I saw paper wasps, a couple of hoverflies, spiders, moths and countless flies.  

I'm limiting my camera time right now, trying to let my right arm rest and heal, so not a lot of pics today.  However, I did spent a little time in the hide and got some nice close ups of the bluebirds.  How I love seeing and hearing them.  

I have posted the first small batch of photos from the trip on Flickr.  I've put my six favorite photos from Panama in an album, click HERE to view.  Tomorrow my plan is to put up some photos from Costa Rica, so stay tuned.

Thank you so very much for sending my bluebird to the pops page - a lovely surprise.  

Happy Saturday,

And lest I forget, the first brown thrasher if the year was at the suet this morning, and this afternoon the first Chipping Sparrow arrived.  Signs of spring...

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