Acorny Story

My extra feather droplet pic was to be my blip as I know that bugs are a bit of a minority interest, particularly for blippers. Even though the weather was duller and colder than yesterday I still wanted to see what minibeasts I could capture. I was hoping for butterflies and solitary bees.

I saw my first tawny mining bee of the year by the bottom boiler house this morning and went out after lunch to see if I could capture the ginger beauty. I spotted it again but it didn't hang around. While I was looking for it I saw lots of other interesting creatures. On this day last year, my late MiL's birthday, I shot an acorn weevil and was elated when I spotted one on a stinging nettle under MrQ's oak tree today. My all time favourite weevil. They're so adorable! :)   

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