The boat is struggling somewhat. All the snow and ice that were inside it are now melting, and weighing it down, as the ice around it melts too. Someone is going to have to head out there in order to sort it out, or I would fear that the first bad weather we have would result in irreparable damage. Luckily it doesn't often get too windy or choppy around Regatta.

I have some other good photos today, taken on our walk back from Suvilahti, where we had headed in order to review the graffiti wall. This was partly brought about because there is a new exhibition about graffiti at the Helsinki Art Museum, plus some new artworks in Baana, which is a railway path turned cycle path that passes in front of the Museum. In fact, we never got as far as the Museum itself today - we'll save that for later. But I read a webpage, which I can now no longer find, which indicated that there was new stuff at Suvilahti, which we had once previously passed by, so that became today's destination.

But not, in the end, my blip, as we popped out after supper for the first of what I suspect may be regular twilight walks, and I couldn't resist blipping the "boat in trouble".

I've got a fair number of photos from today to edit, but that will have to wait. I did quite a bit of editing earlier on, but this was in order to prepare an album for flickr of Neuchâtel photos, comprising both my 2016 and 2018 visits. So I've had enough photo editing for one day.

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