Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

At the Crown Inn, Humshaugh

Today was the Three wheeler and Microcar day at our local pub. I went down after lunch so missed quite a few cars, but there was still a good number to see.

Here is an Austin 7, just about to leave. You might be able to see the unusual AA badge on the bonnet.

There was even a tuk tuk!

Margret popped in for coffee after church. 

I've been doing a bit of festival business and had a good rest this afternoon. I've also been reading John Berger on portraits, in preparation for my talk in Durham on Thursday.

The catkins have enjoyed being in the conservatory but we dare not let them go outside yet. (I'm not sure when we ever will.....).

Mum has continued to work on the Harris tweed handbag she is making for me, plus sorting out our box of dressings and plasters and a number of other jobs. She does not like sitting and doing nothing. (I wonder where I inherit that trait from?!)

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