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Local industry

I had lots to do at home this morning, not least of which was to complete the joining instructions. These go to all the walkers who have booked for the festival. 

This afternoon I went to Hexham to start looking at kitchens. It seems that the firms like to send someone out to look at the space, measure up accurately and then make a plan. I have two firms who are going to send designers over the next week. Exciting, although I have no idea which look I really want. 

We have watched the quizzes. Like last week, we thought that one connecting wall was easier than the other.

My photo is of the Egger factory in Hexham. We have very little industry in the area. Egger makes chipboard:

"With more than 600 employees and an output of approximately 630,000m3 of raw chipboard per annum, our Hexham plant is one of Europe’s most advanced chipboard production facilities." 

I felt as though someone might appear and ask why I was taking this photograph through the wire fence, but no one came and I left in peace!

The plume of smoke/steam that blows from the factory chimney is a commonplace view in Hexham. My version is definitely from a different perspective so I hope it fits the theme.

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